The Last of Us Part 2 – Joel reluctantly continues the journey with Ellie

The Last of Us Part 2 3D Hoodies T-shirt several months have passed, and Joel and Ellie are now in Jackson County, Wyoming. They’re near Tommy’s settlement in Jackson city, but need to make their way through an abandoned hydroelectric plant. As they approach the main gate, it turns out it’s not abandoned at all; Tommy and his people are there, attempting to get the plant back online and generating power. Joel takes Tommy to one side and asks if he can entrust Ellie to him, as she’ll be safer and he knows the whereabouts of the Fireflies. After invaders raid the plant, Tommy agrees to take care of Ellie. However, she’s taken off after overhearing the conversation.

After catching up with her, Joel and Ellie argue about her going with Tommy instead. They’re cut short, however, when more bandits approach. On the horse ride back, Joel decides to take Ellie to the Fireflies himself. Tommy tells them that the Fireflies can be found at the science lab at the University of Eastern Colorado. The pair rides off on one of Tommy’s horses.

Joel and Ellie find the university and explore the campus until they find the science building. It turns out the Fireflies abandoned the site, and there’s no sign of them. Joel finds a dictaphone with the final words of a deceased Firefly, who says the group has moved back to St. Mary’s Hospital in Salt Lake City, Utah. Unfortunately, they’re spotted before they can leave, and so Joel and Ellie fight to escape the university.

In a struggle, Joel falls over a railing and lands on a metal pipe, impaling him. Ellie defends Joel and helps him up, and they just barely escape. Joel, in severe pain and losing blood, collapses as they ride away.

We fast forward in time once again. Ellie is now looking after a badly injured Joel. She hunts for food in a snowy woods with a bow and arrows. After hunting a rabbit, Ellie spots a deer, and tracks it down. The deer runs through the trees towards a settlement. Ellie reaches the animal, but hears that she isn’t alone. David appears with his friend James. They want the deer for their people, but Ellie isn’t budging. David offers to trade, and Ellie asks for medicine. While James goes back to get some, Ellie and David shelter from the cold inside a cabin. A group of infected emerge and force them to work together to survive.

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