Saryarka Karagandy Face Mask With Filter 2020

The response to the group’s ads indicates they are hitting a nerve, with the project dismissed by pro-Trump Republicans as a money grab.

Saryarka Karagandy Face Mask With Filter 2020 The New York Post and the National Review went after the effort this week.

“They attack Republicans from the left, in terms that please the Lincoln Project’s predominantly progressive funders,” a National Review article titled “The Grifter Project” said.

But the show’s real weapons are its hilarious takes on the best-known characters in Arthurian lore. I won’t give away how, but some of the most famous Arthurian faces turn up over the course of the series. Morgana, Lancelot, Guinevere, Percival, and Gawain all have their turns, some in very unexpected fashions. Only Merlin and Uther Pendragon are mostly played straight, though considering the wide swath of Merlins who have graced popular culture over the decades, it’s hard to come up with something new.

But it was also the proof producers had been looking for that, despite how “Game of Thrones” ended, that the fantasy genre was alive and well. Netflix is now doubling down on that bet with a second high-fantasy concept series, “Cursed.” Based on the illustrated novel of the same name by Thomas Wheeler and Frank Miller, this re-imagining of the storied Arthurian legend can seem at times to be aimed at a younger crowd. But there’s enough buried in here that even the nerdiest medievalist will likely find something to enjoy.

Wilson and Weaver said recently they will continue going after people who enable President Donald Trump, including Gov. Ron DeSantis.

“If we’re so fortunate that we can get rid of the main zombie, there’s still all these other zombies that are going to be roaming around the body politic, people like (U.S. Sen.) Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) and (U.S. Sen.) Josh Holley (R-Mo.),” Weaver said last Friday on MSNBC. “And these MAGA governors in Florida, in Texas and in Georgia and Arizona, for example, who were so afraid of offending the president, that they were literally willing to sacrifice their citizens as opposed to doing the right thing in terms of the COVID pandemic.”

Big-name Florida Republicans are starting to find themselves targets of Tallahassee-based “Never Trumper” Rick Wilson and his colleagues at the Lincoln Project.

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