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Finally accepting her responsibility as leader of the Fey, she makes a few key decisions that pay off and, Person Woman Man Camera TV most importantly, rallies the woodland-type Fey tribes. She even earns a memorable title like the Wolfblood Witch.

Merlin (Gustaf Skarsgård) is a drunk and charlatan, hiding the inconvenient detail that he’s lost his powers from of King Uther Pendragon (Sebastian Armesto), a ruler barely holding the country together. Mad zealots in red monks robes led by the bloodthirsty Father Carden (Peter Mullan) rip through the kingdom, slaughtering magical folk – including Nimue’s kin, which places her on a quest to seek out Merlin.

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Along the way she must unite her people and avoid the murdering paladins while outrunning their champion, a black-cloaked one-man slaughterhouse (Daniel Sharman) whose name remains a mystery until the season finale. A bunch of Vikings pop in along the way, because why not.

The first time Nimue unsheathes the Sword of Power in the series premiere of “Cursed,” she is standing atop a large rock trying to fight off a pack of wolves in the rain. The premise of this origin story is that before King Arthur and his famous adventures, the sword meant for the one true king was wielded by a queen.

Person Woman Man Camera TV Mask

As she raises the blade above her head, its markings glowing with magic, the significance of the moment is palpable. With her first swing, Nimue beheads a wolf — and promptly gets the sword stuck in the stone she is standing on. She has to pull it out before she is able to continue defending herself.

Portrayed by “13 Reasons Why’s” Katherine Langford, Nimue, who is destined to become the Lady of the Lake, is the central character in Tom Wheeler and Frank Miller’s fantasy series reimagining the Arthurian legend. Based on the pair’s 2019 illustrated YA novel, the 10-episode first season is out now on Netflix.

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