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This is the hotel that most of us have heard about and seen. Official Emotional Support Beer Do Not Touch The Old Faithful Inn is another beautiful log cabin. I feel quite disrespectful calling it by that name because it is so much more. Everything including the light fittings is made of Yellowstone sourced wood. And, of course, not 100 yards away is ‘Old Faithful geyser’ erupting every hour on the hour (only joking). It doesn’t really erupt every hour, but it’s very close so you don’t need to time your visit because if you plan to be there for over an hour and a half, you’re going to see it.

Just keep an eye on the clock behind reception for the next eruption time. But you’re probably going to want to spend a day or more to see most things. As this is the original hub of the Park and there’s lots to see and do.

We took in the architectural tour, this time legally. (see Yosemite blog). The rooms in the older, original part of the hotel are quite small, the words ‘swing’ and ‘cat’ spring to mind. The room had no closet or wardrobe and ‘Sacre bleu’! no en-suite, either. Not only that but you have to use the public toilets just off the main lobby. With my bladder there’s no way I am sharing a bathroom in the middle of the night with the great unwashed. Even if the rooms do come at a bargain price. The newer wings of the hotel have all the usual facilities.

Suffice it to say we get anxious in crowds, and it’s tough for us to handle. Well it just so happened that thanks to our schedule, the only time we could spend to visit Yellowstone happened to be right in the middle of summer, when the crowds and traffic are notoriously at their worst.

Many people don’t have a choice of when they take their vacations (summer is always popular since the kids are out of school!), but if you do have some flexibility, I would definitely recommend visiting Yellowstone in either the spring or autumn (or even winter!). The park gets really crowded during the summer months, which can take away from the overall experience in my opinion.

The one and only thing we witnessed in Yellowstone worse than the crowds and traffic, was the flat-out unbelievable behavior of some of the park police. Again we were there for a very short time, but more than once we found ourselves on the outside of a situation looking in, and thinking: You’ve got to be kidding! Why would they act that way toward people?

Sadly, Official Emotional Support Beer Do Not Touch shirt we’re not in much of a hurry to get back. We’re still kind of jaded by the whole experience. We will hopefully return to Yellowstone some day, but it’ll for dang sure be at a different time of year and for at least several days.

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